Ep #14: Your Weight Loss Identity



A key part of any successful weight loss journey is intentionality when it comes to setting and sticking to our goals. One of the biggest problems we can run into is not believing that we are capable of cutting detrimental things out of our lives. By saying that we can’t cut out something like sugary foods, we are disempowering ourselves.

On today’s podcast, I’m talking about defining your weight loss identity as a way to empower yourself and to instill belief in your ability to lose weight. We can choose the type of person we are so we can not only choose what we look like, but how we commit ourselves to our goals.

Tune in as I share my own experiences with weight loss identity––including my time doing the “Keto” diet––and how my thinking allowed me to reach my ambitions!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The importance of having intentionality with our goals.

  • How thinking can directly sidetrack us or keep us on track.

  • Ways to empower yourself to believe in your own capabilities.

  • How assuming the identity of who you want to be can make weight loss goals easier.

  • Exercises for crafting a weight loss identity for the person you want to be.

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