Ep #10: Your Resilience Threshold



How many times have you fallen off the wagon, where you've eaten off-plan and then felt terrible about it? We beat ourselves up, and sometimes never get back on-plan again, which is something we definitely want to avoid.

It's crucial you listen to last week's episode to really investigate what you're doing or not doing on your weight loss journey to make today's concept most effective, and it's something I call resilience threshold. This tool has transformed the way I have looked at my own weight loss journey, and the visual I'm sharing with you today is going to help you assess how you handle obstacles in different areas of your life.

This week, I'm inviting you to challenge yourself more often to grow your resilience threshold, to use it as a learning opportunity when you find yourself struggling. This magical tool will impact not only your weight loss, but all other areas of your life, and I'm sharing my recommendation on how to best use it to your advantage.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The secret sauce to weight loss.

  • Why people don’t achieve their goals.

  • What I mean by "resilience threshold."

  • One of the most challenging parts of my weight loss journey.

  • Why beating yourself up when you eat off-plan is useless.

  • A visual I use that will help you use this concept in a more effective way.

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