Ep #11: How Curiosity Helps You Lose Weight



When we eat off-plan, or even worse, when we do everything right but seem to have gained weight anyway, our knee-jerk reaction is to criticize and beat ourselves up. This week, I'm showing you how you have a choice in how you speak to yourself, and how the difference in taking one path versus another can affect your weight loss journey.

In line with my resilience threshold episode, I'm showing you how with curiosity, you can condition your brain to create a safe space where you can move forward without the nasty adjectives or judgments you direct towards yourself. I'm using a visualization tool from Marilee Adams's book to highlight how you can switch lanes whenever you want - to learn, instead of judge.

 Your questions hold so much power, and based on the questions you're asking yourself, your weight loss will be inevitable. Cultivating and channeling curiosity is like having your own best friend in your mind who always has your back, helping to drive you forward to your goals.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why curiosity is a feeling you need to embrace consistently if you want to lose weight.

  • How I like to think of stepping on the scales.

  • Why the resilience threshold visualization tool is important.

  • What you can determine when you pay attention to the questions you're asking yourself.

  • How to ask questions from a place of curiosity.

  • The judger path vs. the learner path.

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