BONUS Episode: Nurse's Week 2019 Special



In honor of Nurses Week, I'm bringing you a bonus episode because I want to show you guys that I truly value everything you do as a nurse. I want to take this time to help you find gratitude in your job instead of looking for recognition outside of you, so stay tuned to hear about a couple of exciting announcements!

The topic I'm diving into today goes hand-in-hand with my first ever self-care reboot challenge, which I'm launching soon, and I'm giving you a sneak peak into what we'll be working on if you join. If you ever find yourself at work going, "Why is it always me?" - whether it's because it's your turn to admit a patient, or you always find yourself being the charge nurse, I want to help you discover the acceptance you can feel in uncontrollable situations.

Empowerment is key to gaining back the power you need at work, and I'm showing you how you can practice this skill with some really useful questions you can ask yourself!

I'm hosting my first ever in-person nurse self-care workshop this Thursday, May 9th from 8:30am to 10:30am on Santa Monica Beach! I'm partnering with Beach Yoga SoCal to help you connect with other nurses and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn a special self-care tool that will help you learn how to manage your emotional health as a nurse. RSVP is required so buy your tickets ahead of time here!

I'm also launching a free five-day self-care reboot challenge on Facebook! This challenge is starting on May 13th and my goal with this is to give you my best self-care tools. You've got a chance to win a self-care package delivered right to your home, personally from me if you join for five days straight so make sure you're there!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • A tool to help you gain back your power in an uncontrollable situation.

  • The question I ask myself when I'm feeling upset.

  • Why your immediate reaction to a difficult situation is negative.

  • The truth about "certainty" in your job.

  • An empowering question you can ask to get yourself out of judgement.

  • How to harness emotional freedom.

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