Ep #13: Decluttering Your Mind Space



We go through over 60,000 thoughts every day; these small thoughts can take up a lot of space and energy as they stack up. Something that I have been working on lately is incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine to be more self-aware of what thoughts I’m welcoming into my mind space.

On today’s podcast, I’m talking about how to change your mindset to let go of the negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs that are getting in your way on the road to achieving your long-term goals. I want to share a really valuable exercise from my 5-Day Self-Care Reboot Challenge that helps you visualize how much energy you are putting into the unhelpful thoughts and how you can get rid of them.

Tune in as I share my own experiences with self-limiting beliefs and how I’ve managed them to work towards my goals and weight loss success!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you should change your mindset to achieve long term goals.

  • How to identify self-limiting beliefs and how they impact your progress towards your goals.

  • A visualization exercise to show how much of your mind space is taken up by negative thoughts.

  • Tools for overcoming self-limiting beliefs and becoming more positive.

  • How actively engaging in mindfulness in your daily life can change everything.

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