For the busy, successful woman who wants to be proud of not caving in to chocolate

Introducing the 1:1 Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program: Your 3-Month Road Map to

  1. Feel in control around food
  2. Honor your commitments to yourself
  3. Look and feel your best as you run your business

I'm not going to tell you to eat 1200 calories.

The Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program is not your typical cookie-cutter weight loss program telling you to eat 1200 calories, eat 5 meals a day, and workout 5-7 days a week… 

This is a tried and tested roadmap made to help female entrepreneurs go from:

  • Stress eating chocolate on autopilot TO no longer wanting chocolate when stress arises
  • Skipping meals to go on client calls TO setting firm boundaries around work hours and enjoying a long, guilt-free lunch break
  • Restricting sugar and carbs for fear of going off the rails TO eating and enjoying any food in a deliberate, shame-free way

You see... Many women entrepreneurs struggle with the same things when it comes to weight loss.

Does this sound familiar to you?


✅  You’ve read books on weight loss and understand that sugar and processed foods are not good for you

❌  HOWEVER… You think, “It’s okay if I eat chocolate today. I deserve it,” after getting off 6 Zoom calls in a row, setting up a new email funnel, and launching a new course (all in one day)

✅  You’ve joined multiple free weight loss challenges to kickstart your weight loss and get additional accountability

❌  BUT... You get bored of eating the same healthy meals for 5 days in a row, and by the 6th day you start eating ice cream again (and can’t stop)

✅  You bought an Instant Pot and bought 3 cookbooks with sugar-free, whole food recipes

❌  THEN... When it comes time to cook, you feel exhausted and tell yourself you’ll cook tomorrow

✅  You’ve hired a Personal Trainer, Dietician, or Nutritionist to help you with you stay accountable to your eating habits

❌  UNTIL... You find their meal plans so strict, rigid, and time-consuming to stick to, that you fall off the wagon and have to let them know you didn't eat on-plan (again)

And if you’re unable to stick to a diet perfectly after a few days, you might even wonder to yourself, “Why can’t I just keep it together?”

If that's the case... You're not alone. I've been in your shoes.

Before I started work full-time in my business as a Somatic Nutrition Coach, I thought I had it all under control.

Before I started work full-time in my business as a Weight Loss Coach, I thought I had it all under control.

After all, I was a Registered Nurse for 8 years, a Certified Personal Trainer for 2 years, and a competitive obstacle course racing athlete.

I knew what foods were healthy to eat.

I was a fitness junkie and worked out multiple times a week.

I stopped stress eating when I was working as a nurse in the hospital.

But once I left my nursing job to work from home full-time… everything changed.

Even though I knew *exactly* what I had to do to lose weight, my habits were no longer consistent.

I stopped going to the gym and lifting weights.

Whenever I’d feel stressed, I'd eat 1-2 cups of nuts (which can easily amount up to eating 1,200+ calories in just a few minutes).

I started losing my muscle mass and gaining more flab under my arms and around my waist.

Suddenly, I was at the heaviest weight I've ever been in my life.

And immediately I felt like a fraud.

I thought that knowing what I should do would be enough to keep my healthy habits consistent.

But I learned this the hard way:

Having all the certifications, experience, and knowledge about health was NOT enough to keep my habits consistent.

You can have all the knowledge in the world of how to lose weight, but unless you learn how to master your impulses to overeat, it’s not possible to have the weight loss or the healthy body that you deserve.

Wouldn’t it be NICE to say “NO” to chocolate with ease, without over-thinking or obsessing about it?

So you don’t have to:

  • Keep spending precious time and mental energy researching diet after diet or watching YouTube videos
  • Keep obsessing over food, or fearing eating anything with sugar and carbs
  • Keep thinking that you’re broken or hopeless when it comes to weight loss

And instead:

  • Use the extra time and energy you have to create new, profitable ideas for your business
  • Eat foods you love with joy, knowing that you aren’t going to lose control
  • Feel confident and certain in yourself and your ability to finally reach (and sustain) your goal weight 

The Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program

SNC provides a 3-month road map to eliminate your impulses to eat sugar and carbs. In this program, you'll learn exactly how to...

  1. Feel in control around food
  2. Honor your commitments to yourself
  3. Look and feel your best as you run your business.
This is a no-fluff, 3-month 1:1 coaching program based on proven frameworks that are designed to:
  • Take the mystery out of weight loss with a clear formula so you can shed the last 20 to 30 pounds (or more) with certainty and peace of mind

  • Help you stay committed to your food plan, no matter what impulses, justifications, or rationalizations you say to yourself to eat off-plan (WITHOUT using willpower)

  • Create a collaborative relationship with your body where you know exactly how much food you need to eat without over-thinking, arguing with yourself, or tracking every calorie or macro 

  • Enjoy foods you love without losing control, reverting back to your old eating habits, or gaining back all the weight you’ve lost

Lost 31 pounds and gained trust in herself

I feel I have freedom from food for the first time in four years. I am so much more trusting of myself and am able to say no to certain foods--I didn't know I could do that! 

As a result of my hard work, I have now lost 31 pounds, which was a goal I had from the beginning... Here I am now and I feel great in my clothes and my whole system feels so much better now that I'm giving it whole foods!”

(Note: This client has lost 40 pounds total since ending the program!)


No gimmicks, no tricks... Just a 3-step proven framework to help you master your impulses.

Here’s what we’re NOT about to teach you:

  • Track all your calories and macros to the decimal point
  • Workout for 1-2 hours a day
  • Ban all sugars and carbs from your diet forever

Instead, you'll get a tried and true 3-step framework that will teach you exactly how to stop caving in to even the most urgent and tempting food cravings.... no matter what situation you're in (in your business, OR life)!

With this framework, you will no longer feel fearful around sugar and carbs, and you will gain the confidence and trust in yourself to eat those foods without going off the rails.

With the Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program, you will become the version of you who doesn’t keep trying to lose weight with resentment or willpower, but ultimately IS the woman who no longer struggles with her weight.

How, you may be asking? 

Here are the ONLY 3 elements you need to have impulse mastery around sugar...


Eat Foods That Stabilize Your Appetite and Blood Sugar Levels 

  • The food you eat has a direct impact on how hungry you are, how much you crave sugar, and how you feel. Eating foods that balance your appetite and blood sugar levels will ultimately help you feel fuller, longer, and crave sugar less
  • You'll know the difference between true physical hunger and false hunger, and understand the science behind hunger hormones and why certain foods make you crave more
  • You'll know exactly what foods to eat to keep you full, satisfied, energized, and help your body get into a fat-burning state (without restricting calories or dieting)
  • You'll understand the science behind food addiction and habit formation, as well as proven techniques to break ANY overeating habit

Regulate Your Emotions Without Turning to Food

  • We're in a world where we are literally bombarded by pleasure, which is hijacking the reward centers in your brain... but NOT for long. You will discover how to genuinely stop wanting and craving sugar on your own terms and not feel like you constantly need to have it to feel better
  • You'll learn how to form a collaborative relationship with your body where you can intuitively know what foods your body wants to eat, and honor those needs, without calorie-counting or macro-tracking
  • You’ll learn how to stop turning to sugar for stress-relief, celebration, comfort, rewards, and more in as little as 90 seconds so you can start having agency over your food decisions
  • You’ll get my step-by-step formula on how to enjoy foods you love without going off the rails and regaining all the weight you’ve lost

Change Your Relationship With Food and Yourself

  • You’ll be able to dismantle unhelpful belief systems around food so that you can keep your weight off LONG after the program ends (and never fear gaining it back)
  • You'll learn how to build consistent healthy eating habits on autopilot and trust yourself to make choices around food that serve you long-term
  • You'll learn how to eat with less shame, guilt, and self-judgment, and improve your self-confidence and thoughts about your own capability and your body image
  • You'll discover the 5 simple steps to master impulse control and apply it to any situation in your life and business (not just food!)
  • You’ll learn how to BE the woman who keeps the weight off permanently, and genuinely doesn’t want to overeat or over-indulge

Imagine if...

  • You were able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant without cleaning your entire plate, and are able to enjoy the rest of your day feeling guilt and shame-free
  • You stopped avoiding social situations so you’re not tempted to overeat or overdrink, and started enjoying your meal with friends without stress or worry about what food will be there
  • You no longer mindlessly snack on chocolate when making content, and started getting all your work done FASTER than ever... without needing snacks for a "pick-me-up"

Sounds awesome... But how do we do this?

12 Private Zoom Coaching Sessions

You'll have weekly 60-minute Zoom life & weight loss coaching sessions with me to help you uncover the emotional and mental blocks in the way of your weight loss.

Lifetime Access to my Online Modules

You'll have lifetime access to all my online modules, tools, and worksheets so you can keep the momentum going (even after the program ends).

Access to Self-Care School for 3 Months

As my 1:1 private client, you'll get BONUS access to my monthly membership program Self-Care School for the entire 3 months that you are in my Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program. That means unlimited access to a private FB community, access to my library of mind-body tools and EFT/tapping meditations, live Qigong classes, and more!

Monthly Progress Checks

You will turn in monthly confidential Progress Checks to me to help you track your progress, stay accountable, and assess where you need support.

Food Planner and Habit Tracker

You'll get a digital & hardcopy version of my newly updated Food Planner and Habit Tracker to help you commit to your goals every single day of the program (and beyond).

Unlimited Voxer Access To Me

You'll get BONUS Voxer support from me 24/7, meaning you can message me directly any time on Voxer if you're wanting quick support in the moment.

And not to mention...

  • You walk away with a strong foundation of tools that you can use for the rest of your LIFE to stop craving sugar for good and keep the weight off permanently
  • You’ll get the shortcut to weight loss to save you from decades of yo-yo dieting, self-criticism, and wasted money on clothes that no longer fit
  • You’ll start off the program with a personalized 1:1 Success Session so you’re equipped with all the tools that will help you start curbing your food cravings and stay committed to your food plan right from the start

See what our previous clients had to say...

"I lost 25 pounds, 5 inches off my waist, have a deeper awareness of my body's needs and when it communicates with me, and a more active love and respect for myself!

I rarely give into my impulses anymore, and I'm able to remind myself that I prioritize nourishing my body and don't need food to make myself feel better.

This program really helped me envision my ideal self, what she's like, how she behaves, and how she makes her choices. Keeping that in mind really helped me make the best decisions I needed for losing the weight!"

TINLI YARRINGTON | Online Business Manager

"Emotional eating played such a big role in my day-to-day impacting my physical health, my budget, my use of time, and my overall mental wellness.

Charmaine helped me see that I was delegating a lot of my emotions to food and showed me strategies for remaining in control and in alignment with my goals. I finally feel like I have the tools to get out of my own way and make my aspirations come true

(Note: This client has lost 22 pounds since joining the program!)

ANONYMOUS | Small Business Owner

Wait, did someone say BONUSES?

Check out the EPIC bonuses I’ve included to make this experience even BETTER for you.


Meal Prep Made Easy Video Series ($97 value)

As a business owner and action-taker, you don't have time to learn complicated recipes in the kitchen... And that's why I got you covered.

This online Meal Prep Made Easy video series will help you learn how to prep nourishing, satiating meals WITHOUT complicated recipes, macro tracking, or counting calories.

You will save time, save mental energy, and save your sanity with this video series by simplifying your meal prep and cutting your cooking time in half the time!



Mindfulness Meditation Library to Curb Cravings
($97 value)

You only need a couple of minutes to curb your cravings with these guided meditations.

Feel like you can't stop thinking about dessert, or the snack you're going to eat in the evening?

These short but impactful guided meditations will help you curb any nagging or annoying craving so you can stay committed to your weight loss goals... especially when you're on the go.


Online Strength Training Program for Fat Loss
($197 value)

Strength training is a fantastic supplement to your weight loss journey if you want to get toned and burn fat.

As a former ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Spartan SGX Coach, I designed this simple strength training program for any woman who wants to get started building muscle and burning fat, in addition to losing weight.

The best part is that you only need minimal or no equipment, and don't need to spend 1-2 hours in the gym everyday.



Enroll today to get access to over $391 in bonuses!


“For the longest time, I didn’t think I could get past that… I was stuck on 10 pound zone. I wanted to blame it on my hormones (I’m 47), I wanted to blame it on getting a new desk job… I was just going to accept that life was different for me...

But I was able to shed those perpetual 10 pounds that I just thought would be on me FOREVER! I wasn’t willing to accept it. [Coaching] made the difference… having the coaching took me to the next level.”

JESSICA SIMA | Caregiver Coach


Is Somatic Nutrition Coaching right for you?

Somatic Nutrition Coaching is NOT for you if...

  • You are not willing to make any changes to your current eating habits or your mindset in order to get the results you want
  • You require hand-holding and constant accountability to make changes
  • You often find yourself making excuses when it's time to start working on your goals (your health, physique, and eating habits are not at the top of your priorities list this year)
  • You still ascribe to the calories-in/calories-out, macro-counting mentality, and are not willing to explore the root causes and emotional reasons for your inability to lose weight
  • You are not receptive to coaching or feedback, and/or when you receive coaching, you're not willing to implement any homework or action steps in-between coaching sessions

But it's PERFECT for you if...

  • You are open to changing your current eating habits and mindset around food, 

  •  You are a woman entrepreneur who is willing to prioritize and invest your time and money into achieving the weight loss goals you desire

  • You are willing to make the let go of current eating habits that aren't serving you, and unhelpful beliefs around food to make long-lasting changes to your eating habits

  • You are willing to join the program with a beginner's mindset, despite what you've already read or learned from other coaches, nutritionists/dietitians, programs, etc.

  • You are an action-taker and are willing to do the work necessary to break any unhelpful overeating patterns so you can reach your weight loss/wellness goal

  • You thrive in a group coaching environment and want the support of like-minded women in your weight loss journey

  • You are receptive to feedback and are willing to change what you're currently doing in order to achieve what you truly desire

If reading this list sounds EXACTLY like you, then the Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program is THE place for you to be.


Imagine what it will feel like when...

  • You see the weight on the scale going down steadily, without you even feeling like you’re putting in much effort at all
  • You hold firm to the work hours you set for yourself and keep your workout and meal prep times sacred
  • You feel a renewed sense of trust in yourself at the end of the day, knowing that you committed to eating what you planned and kept your word with yourself
  • You have new clients consistently being attracted and magnetized to you because of your radiance and energy. 
  • You feel energized and well-rested every single day because you consistently nourish yourself with high quality foods

Now is your chance to unlock all of these new realities, and so much more, with Somatic Nutrition Coaching.

  • 12 Live Group Coaching sessions on Zoom ($9,997 value)
  • Lifetime Access to My Online Modules ($5,997 value)
  • 90-Minute Success Session to Kick Off the Program ($397 value)
  • Monthly Progress Checks ($297 value)
  • Food Planner and Habit Tracker ($33 value)
  • Unlimited Voxer Access to Charmaine for 3 Months (Priceless)
  • Easy Meal Prep Series ($97 value)
  • Online Meditation Library ($97 value)
  • Strength Training Program ($197 value)

Total Value: $17,112

Your Investment: $3,997

Your investment today will pay itself back in MONTHS when you no longer have to worry about unwanted weight gain, added risk of heart disease and preventable health conditions like diabetes type 2, unnecessary emotional pain related to your business, and more. 

Your Investment



You save $302 when you pay this price in full! (Payment plan is also available.)


"I went to my doctor shortly after the program ended for my annual checkup… and she was like, 'Your numbers are great! You don’t have to take these pills [to help control my cholesterol and blood pressure].' I was so excited!

"That was money well spent on the program because I had also don’t have to go to the doctor as much, and I don’t have to pay for pills! So that was such a win. I did the work and my numbers show it!"

VICTORIA S. | Small Business Owner

"My biggest personal breakthrough since starting IMP is a sense of control over my eating - I had a love, hide, and hate relationship with food. I am now able to see food as fuel for my body - not a big hug hiding in a binge.

"A huge win is that I have been able to stop one of my medications for Diabetes - The healthier eating and planning has created a more balanced level of my blood glucose. I also cut the dose in half on my blood pressure medication."

TERRA JACOBUS | Entrepreneur 

If you're on the fence...

“If someone is on the fence about joining this program - they need to jump over the fence and sign up now - There is a reason they are here and were looking for something. The knowledge and tools you will walk away with are worth 10 times the price of the program.

The self control I have over not only my eating but even my emotions is mind blowing. I will forever be grateful to Charmaine for creating and teaching this program - totally life giving."

– TERRA JACOBUS | Entrepreneur

It's time to give yourself the self-care you deserve... for yourself, and your business. Why?


  • You'll learn how to handle all the challenges and obstacles head-on in your business when you stop turning to food to escape how you feel
  • You'll learn how to recover quickly from your fails and keep moving forward (in your weight loss AND your business)
  • You'll stop wasting precious time and energy trying to figure it all out on your own
  • You'll get the support you deserve to get become the most confident, energetic, mentally clear, and productive version of you that you didn't realize you could be

Hi, I'm Charmaine.

When I left my nursing job of 8 years to go full-time into my coaching business, it was far from easy.

In fact, it was the hardest thing I ever did in my LIFE. I was working 12-hour days with no weekends off, stopped planning my meals, stopped working out, ate when I felt like it, and started feeling low-energy, exhausted, and flabby.

I finally decided that enough was enough and took back control over my weight, my health, and my life... which I did by creating my simple 3-step framework.

That is why I created the Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program... to empower other women entrepreneurs, creators, doers, and action-takers to make their wellness goals a reality WITHOUT being derailed by the emotional rollercoaster of business and entrepreneurship. If I can do it, there is no doubt in my mind that you can do it too. ✨


Frequently Asked Questions

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You save $302 when you pay this price in full! (Payment plan is also available.)



"Make a move and take the leap! I was so unsure in the beginning.... But you need change for growth. I never thought I'd get to this point. I hadn't been this weight in 16 years!

I just want to tell people that they can do it. I used to tell myself that I'm an attorney and I can't do it... But it was just a big story I was telling myself. In reality, you can have it all."

ANONYMOUS | Entrepreneur & Attorney