Your Self-Care 401k


Question: Have you ever had a conversation with a nurse about his or her retirement plan?

I know I have! And it’s the most fascinating thing. Oftentimes when I talk to a nurse about retirement and how they’re planning it out, they are literally laser-focused-to-the-core on their retirement plan. They tell me how dialed in to they are to their planning, literally keeping tabs on the stock market fluctuations, their contribution percentages, and their [insert-more-fancy-retirement-terms]!

I will unapologetically admit that, yes, I fit the mold of the “probably-ungrateful-and-not-planning-ahead-for-my-financial-future-Millenial-nurse” image when I (honestly) say that I have NO idea how retirement planning works. At all.

But I do know this — when I hear nurses talk about their retirement, they are ALL IN.

With this in mind came the birth of today’s blog post: Your Self-Care 401k.


How much are you investing in your SELF-CARE every single day?

The thing that trips up so many nurses is that they want their weight loss results to come quickly, so they set insanely high expectations of themselves that they can’t even consider a possibility for them (I’ll lose 100 lbs. in 2 weeks! No big deal!).

And then, when reality hits and they discover they've only lost maybe 0.5 pounds in 2 weeks, they quit.

And it becomes the same roller coaster ride all over again (for years).

What if your weight loss investment, your self-care investment, and your personal time investment was just that — an investment?

When I talk to nurses about retirement, they talk to me about investing as if it’s literally a no brainer. Like, duh, of course we should all be paying close attention to our investment stocks and return rates, and whatever other things are out there (I told you, I have no clue what I’m talking about here)!

The same applies with your self-care.

What tiny little actions are you committing to (EVERY single day) to invest in your health and weight loss?

What decisions are you making every single day that are literally making your weight loss dream a reality?

Because every time you make a decision (no matter how “small” or “harmless” they can be), whatever you end up doing MATTERS. No matter what.

The more you tell your brain: “It’s okay to eat Hot Cheetos whenever things are getting stressful on the unit — it’s just a few bites,” the more you are living out of alignment with who you actually want to be. The more you are deciding that your weight loss dreams are not as important as immediate, bite-sized amounts of gratification that last for, maybe, 2 minutes (until you realize that your bag of Hot Cheetos is empty, and now you have to go buy more).

So whenever you are faced with a choice (whether you’re at work during a stressful shift, or whether you’re at home after commuting from the hospital for 3 hours in traffic), ask yourself these questions:

  • What investment am I choosing to make right now?

  • Do I want to invest in my Self-Care 401k and do something for myself that will train my brain to move forward in my weight loss?

  • Or do I want to invest in the “current me” who is struggling with my weight, and strengthen the neural pathway that makes unplanned self-sabotaging investments?

The choice is yours.

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