What Do You Believe About Food?


Hey my little ducklings! (Yes, I am calling you all my “ducklings” because this is literally what I would call my nursing students at work!)

SO many nurses ask me what food they should eat to lose weight.

Now… before I get into a discussion with you about what foods are considered “healthy”…. A little caveat. I highly encourage you to read this post with curiosity and openness. You see, the things we know about food right now are a little (hmmm, how do we say?)—controversial. Every one has their own thoughts on what “healthy food” means to them. And that’s totally fine. But what I want to offer you in this blog post is this:

Don’t hesitate to question your beliefs about food.


When you think about it, where do your beliefs about food come from?

Who told you what food was “healthy” and “good for you”? And why did you believe them? What evidence was there to prove that the nutrition knowledge you’ve learned about all your life can actually help you to lose weight?

When you think about it, the nutrition knowledge we all know about right now seems like “common sense” and “obvious.” But really think about this for a second. Why would it be obvious? What we think about food is still just that — our thoughts about food.

No, Charmaine — it’s the truth! Some food is healthy, some is not,” you might say.

But really… think about this. What is actually considered “healthy eating”? Healthy eating is what you think healthy eating is. (Stay with me here!) Let’s say you’re having a conversation with your patient about what food to eat that is healthy (super fun, right?). And let’s say you tell them all the same things: eat veggies, fruits, limit fats, and don’t eat too many calories. Oh, by the way, throw in some exercises here and there.

How do you think your patient would respond?

First of all, I’ve learned more about nutrition from some of my patients more than ANY nursing course that I’ve ever taken. That’s because some of them gain so much weight from their medications that they take the time to do their research and learn about food. They really get into the nitty gritty about what “common food knowledge” is based on, and what the current research about food is showing.

What I’m trying to say is this.

It doesn’t hurt to question what you know about food right now.

Because the truth is, we have been conditioned to believe SO many things about food, right?

I remember SO vividly when I was in elementary school that we were taught about the food pyramid. (Yes — the same dietary guideline that explicitly states that you should eat bread & grains as the majority of your diet and leave only a tiny amount for fatty foods because fat will kill you.)

And that was what we accepted as true.

But why?

Why did we accept that?

Because that was all we knew back then.

Who told us that we had to eat 3 times a day and that was the only way to eat? Who told us that eating fatty food will cause heart disease? Who told us that breads and grains are healthier for us than eggs and meat?

What I want to invite you to do is to really think things through and really re-consider what you’re currently believing about food.

SO many times I talk to nurses about what food is considered “healthy". So much research has been done on nutrition, but so much of the research results that come up are contradictory. You’ve noticed that too, right? So many study results don’t add up. This is why being aware of your own food beliefs is SO important. Ask yourself this:

  • What do you believe about “healthy” food and why?

  • Why do you choose to believe that about food?

  • Has thinking about food in this way given you the weight loss results you wanted?

Take some time to answer those questions & leave a comment below!

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I can’t wait to see you there!


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