The Deception of Convenience


For as long as I can remember, cereal was my go-to breakfast. I can’t even count how many years I ate cereal. I think it was literally my #1 favorite food in the world (right after bread). But here’s what I loved most about it:


I loved that the cereal was SO convenient. It was, like, the best deal ever. Food companies were advertising cereal as “heart healthy!” and “whole grain!” and “filled with all the vitamins & minerals you need!” It was quick, easy, and healthy for me. A win-win!

And so I would always eat cereal every single morning before I went to work. I ate cereal at around 4:30AM (my commute was 45 miles long, driving towards LA… so leaving after 5AM was NOT an option). Then, I would get to work by 6AM. And low and behold…

I would literally be starving.

The cereal just didn’t do it for me. I was ALWAYS starving by 6AM. So, at that time, I just had to tough it out until my lunch break, go buy a Subway sandwich with potato chips, and literally feel hungry all day.

And yet, I ALWAYS wanted the cereal.


Because I told myself it was convenient. That “quick” and “easy” meant more to me than eating high quality foods that actually took time to prepare (because, news flash, quality foods DO take time to prepare). I mean, really pay attention to how I’m describing my story! I prioritized eating food that was “quick” and “easy” because that was how my relationship with myself was like at the time:

“Quick” and “Easy”.

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with NO time to take care of yourself?

….Is that the type of relationship you would want with a human being? Let’s put it this way.

Let’s say you’re in the dating scene, and you’re ready to meet someone new. So you’re going around town, walking around the neighborhood, trying to meet some new people. The first store you stop by is a coffee shop down the road. At the coffee shop, let’s say you see someone who’s waiting in line for coffee in front of you.

Then, imagine you tell this guy (a dude you literally met 2 seconds ago), “Hey, you’re the first person I saw who was around. Let’s just get married!”

Ummmm…. Pump the brakes for a second.

If you wouldn’t have a relationship with someone that you JUST met, why would you have a relationship with food that just happens to be available and convenient?

Your relationship with food manifests your relationship with your own self.

How you think about yourself is literally manifested in the choices you make about what you eat, what you wear, and how you take care of yourself.

To do a self-assessment on your current relationship with food (and yourself), give yourself 5 minutes to answer these questions:

  1. How do I choose what foods to eat on a regular basis?

  2. Why do I choose to eat these foods regularly?

  3. If I had “more time," how would I show up differently for myself? How would the choices I make be different than they are now?

  4. What can I do right now to make more time for myself?

Your relationship with yourself does NOT have to be put on the back-burner. When we stop to take a moment to just pause and evaluate how things are, we can gain that awareness of how we’re currently treating ourselves, then CONSCIOUSLY decide what we want our relationship with ourselves to be like.

When we live unconsciously, convenience appears to be the answer. We are so busy reacting to our daily stressors in life, that we aren’t living deliberately. We’re living at the mercy of everything around us. The good news is that this is completely optional. We don’t have to live at the mercy of our circumstances.

The first step to doing this is to gain awareness of EVERY single decision you make when it comes to your food and what you decide to eat. (Be a proactive eater (not a reactive eater).

What does it mean to be a proactive versus reactive eater? Find out by listening to my mini podcast episode on Food Cravings!

Own that everything you eat is YOUR choice.

Then choose to eat foods that are in alignment with your self-care goals.

Taking the time to evaluate your current situation and, thus, deciding to live consciously is WORTH it. Living consciously (and not at the effect of everything around you) can literally save you a lifetime of helplessness and uncertainty.


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