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If you all joined me in this month’s Facebook Live trainings (by the way, all the replays are all posted on my Facebook page), one of my faaaaavorite topics this month was going over Three Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight. It’s a topic I’m super passionate about because I’ve personally learned that once you master these three skills alone, you literally can ACCOMPLISH ANY-FREAKING-THING that your heart desires!

In today’s blog post, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the importance of creating rituals for yourself, and how to stay focused on your goals. I truly and whole-heartedly believe that creating SYSTEMS and RITUALS for yourself is what will help you nurture and maintain your weight loss results for the rest of your life!

First of all, when I say things like “rituals” and “systems,” what do I mean by that? All I mean by that is this: Developing habits that actually help you become the person you want to be.

(That’s the simplest way I can put it!)

For all my 1:1 coaching clients, I teach them a step-by-step blueprint on how to do this by providing them with their own personal Weight Loss Care Plans.

A snapshot of the Weight Loss Care Plan & Success Log that all my clients get!

A snapshot of the Weight Loss Care Plan & Success Log that all my clients get!

I teach my clients how to create the ritual of planning their meals ahead of time by sitting down at the same time every day to plan. In order to create a new ritual, you must understand how habits work.

The anatomy of a ritual/habit:

  1. Trigger

  2. Behavior

  3. Reward

To develop any new habit, you must have all 3 parts of the habit dialed in. First, you must set the Trigger for yourself. For my clients, I tell them all to decide a specific time of the day to do their daily meal planning. For me, personally, the time I would plan my meals would be 9PM (after my shift and post-shift workout).

When it came time to do the planning (let’s use 9PM as an example), then it’s time for the Behavior to follow. So for my clients, I tell them to schedule a time, and then (RIGHT when that time comes), to sit down and PLAN. The planning is the habit we are working on developing.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle (the Reward) comes in. For me, personally, the reward of doing my daily planning was being able to check it off in my list that I did it (who doesn’t love checking off an item on their to-do list?!), as well as knowing that I FOLLOWED THROUGH with something that I told myself I would do. I gave myself the personal satisfaction of following through on a goal I had for that day, which would provide me with a subtle but very satisfying dopamine hit.

want 1:1 personalized guidance on creating a meal plan that is specific to your unique needs?

If you want to start planning your meals ahead, know that you must (most importantly) schedule the SAME time of the day to do your planning and follow through with it every single day. The more you practice this over and over again, the stronger the neural pathway of that habit will be! It’s like driving a car — in the beginning, it’s weird, uncomfortable, and scary, and you don’t want to do it. BUT, the more and more you practice, the more and more “automatic” the behavior comes so that you are literally solidifying the new habit you have created for yourself.

Doing my daily planning practice has literally saved me SO. MUCH. TIME! And, believe me, the same can happen for you. In fact, I challenge you to set that as a goal for yourself this week. Schedule a date and time that you will do your meal planning, and (when the time comes), do EXACTLY what you said, and then FEEL GOOD about doing it! Make. Yourself. Proud.

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