How to Put Your Dreams Into Action


Call me a nurse geek, but for the longest time that I could remember, I’ve always wanted to be a Magnet Nurse. Ever since I was a new grad, I learned about what it meant for hospitals to be designated as “Magnet", and how high of a distinction that was for hospitals around the globe.

I knew my hospital was working on their Magnet designation when I started working at UCLA 7 years ago, but I had NO clue that I would get to witness UCLA earn this distinction right before my very eyes!

If you recall in October 2018, I wrote a blog post about nurses from my hospital and I going to the ANCC Magnet Annual Conference in Colorado. My co-workers and I experienced what it was like to see other hospitals walk on stage and be officially announced that their organizations/facilities were Magnet-designated. How amazing it was to watch all these nurses proudly trot onto the stage with their hospital banners, their glittery pom-poms, and their matching t-shirts.

And now, it will be our turn to walk the “aisle” in October 2019.

(Catch me talking @ 0:13!)

This hospital is one of the first psychiatric facilities to receive the prestigious designation, which is awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Only about 7 percent of all U.S. hospitals have achieved Magnet recognition. Learn more:

Have you ever had a goal you wanted so badly, but you weren’t really sure if it was actually going to happen or not? That’s what it felt like, going on this Magnet Journey with my hospital.

As Chair of the Unit Practice Council on my unit, you can imagine how many projects I was involved in. How many meetings I attended. How many hours it took to write Magnet Exemplar Stories (and re-write them. And find adequate documentation for them).

The posters. The presentations. The committees. They were ALL worth it.

In the moment, it felt impossible. It felt ridiculous. And it certainly felt like a waste of time. How many times would I think, “Is this all really worth it? I mean, how do we know we’ll even get this award in the end?”

Thank goodness I didn’t listen to my primitive brain.

I remember in 2014, I launched one of my large-scale projects on the unit in an effort to reduce the amount of patients on 1:1 status. And since then, that project had led to SO many opportunities that I did not even anticipate! It all started because I genuinely wanted to make a difference in the unit. I wanted things to change. I believed in a better work environment. I never settled for the way things were at work — I had a tiny glimmer of hope that things could always be at least a tad bit better.

Now, I invite you to evaluate YOUR own goals — whether it’s in weight loss, your overall health, your school, or whatever goals you want to achieve for yourself in general.

Feeling stuck & wanting that extra support and accountability from an expert? get on a call with me, and we’ll come up with the best action plan to kickstart your weight loss!

Ask yourself, what is the #1 thing you want to achieve this year? (Like, reeeeeeally really want to achieve?)

Something that you KNOW you could get if you worked your tail off. And something that means the WORLD to you.

Now, with that goal in mind, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do you WISH for?

  2. What would be the OUTCOME of that coming true?

  3. What is the OBSTACLE in the way of you making that a reality?

  4. What is your PLAN to tackle that obstacle & make it happen?

Believe it or not, this is an evidence-based tool called “WOOP” (which, I think is a fitting name because you can associate this term WOOP with “whooping” your butt into action). And it can help you accomplish whatever goal you are seeking to achieve! Because you’re not only wishing for it to come true. You’re creating It by “wooping” yourself into action.

Now, you know I love putting things into action. I invite you to ask yourself if you’re ready to take action on your goals.

It’s one thing to WANT something. Anybody can WANT to lose weight, or want to earn more money. But how willing are you to actually make that wish become a reality in your life?

I dare you to try.

I dare you to consider what’s possible for you, and to consider that the life you’re living right now is temporary.

And I dare you to use the WOOP tool as questions you can ask yourself (whether in a journal, on your phone, whatever you prefer), every single day until you get the result you want. Because I believe that you have exactly what you need to accomplish your dreams. The only question is — do you believe this too?