What's Your Holiday Game Plan?


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Fam!! I thought I’d start off this post by being 100% honest with all of you. Today, I am at my all-time lowest weight — ever since high school — that I’ve maintained for about a week now! Usually, when I’m at this weight (after a long period of ridiculous fasting that was restrictive, depriving, and guilt-ridden), it would disappear & be long gone by the next day.

This time around is completely different. This time, I actually stayed at my goal weight for about a week — and that’s without depriving myself, without starving myself, and without beating myself up or punishing myself.

It’s such a different feel, and I want to share with you how I’m doing this. One of the best ways to reach & maintain your goal weight is by making a plan for yourself. In this case, let’s just call it a “game plan”. As we’re approaching the holiday season, your game plan will be crucial to your weight loss/maintenance because you are coming into the holidays with intentional eating.

What is intentional eating?

Intentional eating is when you approach your nutrition from the highest part of your brain — your "planning brain”. That means being 100% deliberate about all the food choices you make. This is key because:

  1. You will not be at the mercy of all the food & sweets around you

  2. You will eat in a way that aligns with your weight loss dream goal

  3. You will eat with awareness that you are always in control of your food

An easy way to get started on this is to plan the meals you will eat at your holiday gatherings. If you do not know what foods will be there, you can generalize the types of food you eat by deciding something like, “I’m only going to eat protein, healthy fats, and veggies during this meal.”

The next, and very important step, is to plan the dessert you will eat and eat it with conscientiousness. Yes, you get to enjoy something that you normally would forbid yourself to eat (if you choose)! That way, you can eat a dessert purposefully and without reacting to all the desserts in front of you! You can assume power over the food and be in control 100% of the time. Be very specific about the type of dessert you will eat, including the portion size, and do not eat any more than what you decided. It helps to savor every single bite & to truly enjoy your dessert by eating it slowly and mindfully!

Lastly, after the holiday gathering is over, review what you did eat and evaluate the decisions you made. Did you like the food choices you made? If so, why? If not, why? If you ate more than you planned to, learn from it & move on. Dwelling over your past decisions will keep you stuck & is not helpful for your forward progress.

To help you get kick started on creating your own Holiday Game Plan, I’ve created a tool that you can download so that you can plan your food choices for this holiday season! To download my free Weight Loss Care Plan (pictured below) so that you can maintain and even lose weight during the holiday season, click here!

One more tip that can help you manage your food cravings this holiday season is to really focus on something else that can give you joy at your next holiday gathering — whether it’s catching up with your favorite cousin, playing a game of football with your uncle, or watching a holiday movie with next to the fireplace, think about what else can bring you joy & look forward to that more than the food you will eat!

I’ll talk to you again soon!

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