Diversify Your Joy

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Hello, nurse friends! For those of you who have been reading my blog post for several days now, you might have picked up that I absolutely love asking questions (especially the ones that reeeeally make you think!).

Well, I have one for you today! It will require a bit of imagination, though.

Imagine your brain.


Now, imagine your brain being filled to the BRIM with “joy” (as if it was a fish bowl full of water). Like, a feeling of total satisfaction, bliss, content, and true happiness.

You still with me?

Now, I want you to think about your mind full of joy (that bowl full of water), and I want you to think about how much of that joy in your mind is provided by food.

Yes, food.

When you think about food, how happy do you feel? How much percentage of joy (out of 100%) does food bring you on a daily basis?

Once you have that number in your mind, think about the rest of it. What other things give you joy? Maybe it’s spending time with family or friends. Maybe it’s working out. Maybe it’s traveling. Whatever it is, give each of these things a percentage until everything equals 100% total.

Now, I want you to take a look at where food ranked out of all those things.

If food was one of the TOP two things providing you joy in your life, I want you to really think about that percentage you wrote down for yourself. And I want to ask you why.

Why do you feel so much joy from food?

If you are struggling with weight loss, and food ranked as one of the top two things as giving you immense joy, I want you to ask you another question.

How can you make your life more interesting than food?

How can you diversify your joy?

You see, when food is the main thing that brings you joy in your life, you are gaining your happiness from a source that is outside of you. And in order to keep that bowl of happiness (your mind) full of joy, you have to keep filling it with more and more food.

This can be tricky with weight loss because one of the main causes of overeating is WANTING food more than we want to be at our goal weight.

If you keep eating to make yourself feel better, losing weight will feel like an endless tug-of-war against your own self.

You can choose to do that, but does that serve you?

Does it serve you to want food more than your goals and to constantly battle and fight against yourself to achieve your goals?

You can never hate yourself thin. It does NOT work. And if it does work, it’s only temporary until you eat your favorite foods over and over again (I’ve been there).

Instead, we want to think about how to decrease our desire for food (especially if food is what makes us super happy) and instead think about what other things can provide us happiness.

If food wasn’t the main event in our lives, what else would we be doing? What would we be creating? What relationships would we be growing? What other possibilities would be out there for us?

Let me know your answers in the comments below!

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