Clean Up Your Mental Garbage

A messy brain is manifested as a messy space (AKA, your home).


In fact, a mess in your home is there because there was a decision that was left unmade. There were several questions unanswered in your mind that continue to be left unanswered every day.

Questions like:

“Should I return this t-shirt?”
”Who’s turn is it to wash the dishes?”
”When will I have time to vacuum?”

With a messy, unorganized brain, imagine throwing in a weight loss goal into the mix. Your brain is already spinning in confusion about the messes around your home. Now, you have to think about what foods to eat, what time to prepare them, when to go grocery shopping, and more.

I used to leave my room a mess all the time.

I left clothes sprawled across my desk, mail left unreviewed or unanswered, and drawers filled with letters from high school that were collecting dust.

Little did I know that this was a representation of my inability to make decisions.

Oftentimes when it comes to weight loss, there is a lot of indecision involved. We begin to ask ourselves “What should we eat?” and “Should I eat this dessert?” and “Would it be so bad if I ate this chip?” Then we have to make a decision about all of these questions we ask.

What if we did not allow for this indecision?

What if we decided ahead of time exactly what we needed to eat in order to reach our goal weight? If that were the case, then we wouldn’t need to leave room for confusion. We wouldn’t need to toil around with the question of “Should I eat this?” or “Should I eat that?”

We are setting the boundaries for our brain to go by.

Thankfully, I have set these boundaries for my mind, and it manifests in my home.

My living room

My living room


At home, everything is organized precisely where it should be. Every single object has a home. And every single object is something that belongs there because I want it to be there.

My home is not at the effect of my lack of decision making.

My home is a result of my planning ahead of time and my rule-setting.

Here are the rules for my home (which you can apply to your own space, and your own mind):

  1. Does this object serve me?

  2. If so, does it have a home (designated place to store it)?

  3. Can I commit to storing this object in it’s home every single day?

I have to answer YES to all three of those questions to keep my space organized. The same goes for your thoughts around food.

  1. Does this food serve my body?

  2. Is it in my plan?

  3. Can I commit to eating this food every single day?

My room bookshelf

My room bookshelf

Take a moment to look at your home and look at any big messes you have at the moment. Ask yourself why the mess was there, and how it got started in the first place. Then clean up the mess by asking yourself the questions above. The most important thing about organizing your space is that you only keep what serves your life. If that object is of no use to you whatsoever, toss it immediately.

The same goes for food — continue eating the food that serves you and helps you work towards your weight loss goals. It’s up to you to decide what food that is. As long as your guideline for your food habits are set in place (every single day), you will move one step closer to your permanent weight loss goals.

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