3 Simple Steps to Become a Master Planner

Don’t wish for it. Plan for it.

Don’t wish for it. Plan for it.

Hello, Amazing Nurses! Today, so far, has been awesome. I just recently did a Facebook Live Training for my private nurse weight loss coaching clients, and today we talked specifically about “How to Quit Quitting.” One of the key components that I talked about during the training is the idea that your weight loss goal does not exist until it is scheduled in your calendar. To check out a snippet of my training (particularly my piece on goal setting), watch the video below!

Here’s the thing. Any weight loss goal that is in your mind will not happen until you make it real. Making the weight loss goal real means scheduling it on your calendar. Yes, this sounds simple (in theory!) but theres’s so much more to “calendar-ing” than you think! To become a Master Planner, here are 3 simple steps you can follow so you can actually follow through on your commitments, get to your goal weight, and make your weight loss dreams a reality.


Many of the nurses I coach are not conscious of how they spend their time. When I ask them about why they cannot meet their weight loss goals, they will often tell me they have no time for it. But when I ask them to stop and actually assess how they spend their time, that is how I show them what is possible for them and their weight loss. To make an HONEST assessment of your time, click here to download my free time assessment cheat sheet!


Schedule a date & time for every action you will take towards your goal. But here’s the trick — you have to schedule something you know you can do with NO problem at all (like giving medications to a patient who is alert, oriented, and in agreement with the treatment care plan, lol). For example, you can plan eating at least one meal of your day by the category instead of a specific food (e.g. veggies, protein, healthy fat). Or you can plan to walk for the MINIMUM amount of time you know you can commit to (e.g. a 5-minute walk for 3 times this week). Make it do-able and enhance that commitment to yourself!


At the end of each week, it’s important to set aside at least 10 minutes to evaluate how your week went. When you do this, ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I accomplish this week, and why?

  • What did I not accomplish this week, and why?

  • What did I learn about myself based on the decisions I made, or did not make, this week?

  • Am I satisfied with the decisions I made? If not, how can I change this next week?

Taking the time to do these three simple steps on a regular basis will not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but you will also be able to prove to yourself that you DO have what it takes to reach your goal weight and that you CAN commit to yourself. Make yourself proud, starting today.


Enrollment is now open for my next private coaching group starting on February 10, 2019!

Enrollment is now open for my next private coaching group starting on February 10, 2019!


Hey! Before you go, did you know? My next group of weight loss coaching just for nurses will begin February 10, 2019! There are still 20 spots open, and I am looking for you (a nurse who is currently working and currently struggling with weight loss)! To see if my 6-Week Weight Loss for Nurses Coaching Program is a good fit for you, schedule your free 1:1 consultation call with me by clicking here! But act quickly — spots are limited!



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