hi. i’m charmaine.


…and for 6 years, i was overwhelmed & overeating at the bedside.

throughout most of my nursing career, my eating habits were a mess.

Left:  Me in 2011 (my last day of nursing school);   Right:  Me in 2018 during a regular work day

Left: Me in 2011 (my last day of nursing school);
Right: Me in 2018 during a regular work day

As an inpatient nurse for the past 7 years in an acute psychiatric hospital, my wellness always ranked last on my priorities list.

In nursing school, junk food was there to comfort me when I was stressed. At work, junk food was there to comfort me when I was stressed.

I thought there was “no time” to invest in proper nutrition and always ate out of convenience — no matter how unhealthy the food was! I believed I was at the mercy of my long work hours, stressful work days, and busy schedule. And I kept eating because of how terrible I constantly felt (Pop Tarts, McDonald’s, you name it!).

What turned the tide for me was seeing my Hemoglobin A1C level at a borderline pre-diabetic level. This was absolutely horrifying for me as I was always on top of my workouts (which included high-intensity cardio and heavy lifting). But what I didn’t realize was it was my poor nutrition planning and poor mental health that still costed me my wellness.




I didn’t prioritize my mental and physical health because I didn’t think I was worth it. Not until I saw my lab results and realized that my routine feelings of dread, irritability, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion were beginning to take their toll on me.

I made the decision to eliminate sugar and flour from my diet, and I also learned how to manage my mind when I discovered life coaching. I realized that I was the one responsible the entire time, and that it was up to me to take care of myself — it wasn’t my food’s responsibility or anyone else’s.

I learned the power of gaining awareness of my thinking and used tools every single day to think deliberately and intentionally so that I could accomplish my goals.

You have what it takes to take full charge of your life. It all depends on how well you manage your mind.

As a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse & Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I am committed to coaching and empowering nurses to realizing their full potential to:

  • achieve their goal weight & sustain it

  • feel better about themselves, work, and life

  • take ownership of their lives

  • gain complete freedom from emotional eating

Yes, you can work full-time, tend to all your home obligations, and keep yourself your number one priority (it’s completely possible!). I want to teach you all the tools that I’ve learned so you, too, can gain a better relationship with yourself and feel better at work.

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