From high-stress
to high-performing

My story of how I went from being a highly stressed, overwhelmed, and emotionally eating entrepreneur to a high-performing woman, and what that means.

Hi, I'm Charmaine. When I left my nursing job of 8 years to go full-time into my coaching business, it was far from easy.

I was working 12-hour days with no weekends off, stopped planning my meals, stopped working out, ate when I felt like it, and started feeling low-energy, exhausted, and flabby.

Friends and family started making remarks about my body, saying that I no longer had muscles (I used to be a Personal Trainer), and that it was okay because: "You do what makes you happy."

Let's not forget the fact that I was a Registered Nurse, a Certified Weight Loss and Certified Health Coach, and yet... I still struggled with emotional eating. I was convinced something was wrong with me.

I was a certified weight loss coach, and yet... I still struggled with emotional eating.

I was convinced something was wrong with me.

I wanted to be in control of my health, not my business

One day, it finally hit me:

If I made a sale, I felt good about myself and celebrated!

If I didn't make a sale, I'd be eating 1,000+ unplanned calories and saying "eff it" to my workouts.

My emotional and physical wellbeing was dependent on the success of my business.

In other words... I could never be healthy or lose weight on MY terms.

I wanted to be in control of my health... not my business.

I decided that enough was enough.

Within months, I went from a high-stress entrepreneur to becoming a high-performing woman.

I stopped stress snacking, stopped drinking coffee, started working out consistently, and ran a marathon in 2022 after not running once since 2018.

After seeing my success, I realized that it only took 3 core steps to get there.

I then turned these 3 steps into a framework that has helped DOZENS of my clients lose weight permanently...

No matter what their business threw at them.

This is the 3-step framework I teach in my Impulse Mastery Program.

I'm on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to put their wellness first, no matter WHAT the circumstances are.

What is a high-performing woman?

  • A woman who makes her health a non-negotiable for her, no matter what
  • A woman who consistently honors her commitments to herself
  • A woman who can feel happy, regardless of what her business throws at her
  • A woman who can say "No" to food temptations, even if she has cravings
  • A woman who doesn't need to eat to escape stress or discomfort

Are you ready to become a high-performing woman?

Click here to learn my 3-step process on how to do it.