Weight loss for women entrepreneurs

Tired of using food to reward yourself, or to cope with the emotional rollercoaster ride of business? It's not your fault... And here's why.

My Story

Your health doesn't have to be at the mercy of your business

When I left my nursing job of 8 years to go full-time into my coaching business, it was far from easy.

I was working 12-hour days with no weekends off, stopped planning my meals, stopped working out, ate when I felt like it, and started feeling low-energy, exhausted, and flabby.

Thankfully, there was a better way to run my business that didn't involve neglecting my health. Click the button below to learn how I turned this around, and how I help other women entrepreneurs do the same.

You're not the problem... Here's what's actually going on

Being an entrepreneur is high-risk, presents unexpected challenges, and requires constant problem-solving. As a result, food is the easiest and quickest way to feel better instantly.

Food is the one constant in your life as an entrepreneur:

  • It doesn't let you down.
  • It consistently helps you feel relieved in the moment. 
  • It delivers exactly what you expect it to.

So of course you use food to feel better... And it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you.

However... You also know that overeating isn't giving you the health, vitality, confidence, or body that you truly desire. After going through this myself as an entrepreneur, I cracked the code in just 3 simple steps.

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Watch my top YouTube videos with my best tips on how to stop craving sugar and carbs, how to stop stress eating, and more.

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How to feel calm
now, without fooD


Are you feeling overwhelmed by a current launch you're in, or business deadlines you're wanting to meet, but don't want to overeat?

Listen to my quick 5-minute guided meditation to help you manage your overwhelm without heading to the kitchen.

work with me

Ready to end the stress eating and create the body you deserve in only 3 months?

This is exactly what we do in the Impulse Mastery Program, my 3-month group coaching program. 

In only 3 months, you will to learn how to go from:

  • Stress eating chocolate on autopilot TO no longer wanting chocolate when stress arises.

  • Skipping meals to go on client calls TO setting firm boundaries around work hours and enjoying a long, guilt-free lunch break

  • Restricting sugar and carbs for fear of going off the rails TO eating and enjoying any food in a deliberate, shame-free way 

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