Your body is the key to change

When you find out the real reason why you crave sugar, that's when you can finally stop wanting it. How do you find the reason? Your body.

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Meet Somatic Nutrition Coach, Charmaine Horn


As a Somatic Nutrition Coach, Registered Nurse, and Sugar Cravings Expert, I'm obsessed with helping women entrepreneurs feel EMPOWERED in their bodies. It's my life's work to help women cultivate a collaborative partnership with their bodies so they learn how to eat in accordance to their body's hunger cues, soothe their emotional needs without food, and genuinely say "No" to sugar cravings with ease.

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Feel better without sugar

Watch my top YouTube videos for quick tips on how to start feeling better now without sugar.

  • 13 Qigong Exercises to Stop Sugar Cravings
  • 22-Minute Routine to Stop Stress Eating & Feel Better
  • 34 Steps to Impulse Control Around Sugar
  • 43 Signs You're Eating Sugar For Emotional Reasons (And How to Stop!)
  • 510-Minute Self-Massage Routine For Sugar Cravings & Stress Relief

Resources to start feeling in
control around sugar now

Impulse Mastery Quick Start Guide 01

Get my Impulse Mastery Quick Start Guide to learn the 3 simple steps you need to get started with feeling in control around sugar and carbs right NOW.

Impulse Mastery Food Guide 02

Get my Impulse Mastery Food Guide to learn what foods to eat to help your body stop craving sugar so you can start feeling satisfied, energized, and mentally clear!

1:1 Somatic Nutrition Coaching 03

Want the fast-track to stop craving sugar and carbs with the support of someone who's already figured it out? Join my 3-month 1:1 Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program to get the individualized support you're looking for with weight loss.

work with me

Ready to transform your eating habits for good?

This is exactly what we do in my Somatic Nutrition Coaching Program, my 3-month 1:1 coaching experience. 

In only 3 months, you will to learn how to go from:

  • Stress eating chocolate on autopilot TO no longer wanting chocolate when stress arises.

  • Skipping meals to go on client calls TO setting firm boundaries around work hours and enjoying a long, guilt-free lunch break

  • Restricting sugar and carbs for fear of going off the rails TO eating and enjoying any food in a deliberate, shame-free way 

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